The Science Behind CNG

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is a readily available alternative to gasoline and diesel. As its name implies, CNG is natural gas. Natural gas is formed by the decay of organic matter and sourced multiple ways, including:

  • The renewable way: Organic waste at landfills, agricultural digesters, waste water treatment plants and more naturally breaks down and creates biogas (methane). That gas is captured and purified to become renewable natural gas (RNG). Left to its own devices biogas is a major contributor to global warming. But, with RNG, we’re able to prevent harm and use it for positive, clean-burning technology. And, better yet, RNG sources naturally replenish meaning no lack of supply.
  • The traditional way: A few million years ago, large quantities of plant and animal matter were buried under sediment. The sediment created a lot of pressure and this, combined with heat from the earth’s core, converts the organic waste into natural gas. This gas is harnessed by wells across America.

At ANG, we’re on target to source 100% of our natural gas from renewable sources before the year 2020.

Delivered To You

Natural gas arrives at ANG stations through a robust network of pipelines. From there, we use top-of-the-line equipment to compress the natural gas down to less than one percent of its volume. The CNG is stored on site so every customer can have a “fast-fill” experience, just like they would at any regular gas station.

Is your fleet ready for CNG?

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