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From one entrepreneur with a big idea, to a robust team and an expanding network of compressed natural gas (CNG) stations across the country, American Natural Gas (ANG) has made its mark on the alternative fuel industry.

Founded by Andrew West in 2011, ANG designs, builds, owns, operates, and maintains CNG stations. Out of corporate headquarters in Saratoga Springs, New York, its team of highly-trained strategists, designers, and operations professionals is working side-by-side with fleets across the country to improve the CNG experience.

When ANG leads your project, converting is easier and ROI arrives sooner. A specialized and agile business, it’s able to provide direct communication without any of the corporate red tape. One loyal customer at a time, ANG’s reputation remains the same – a partner you can rely on.

 We’re committed:

To building better stations

We believe CNG can transform the transportation industry. But, we need infrastructure to get us there. Through strategic partnerships with energy providers, equipment manufacturers, construction companies, and more, we’re building the stations that have the power to make a serious difference. We’re raising the bar, setting our standards high above the status-quo so our customers can reap the rewards.

To serving our customers

We start by listening because understanding your business goals allows us to work toward your specifications. From the construction of a new station for a full fleet conversion to station upgrades for long-time users, we deliver the highest-quality solutions and deliver day and night on our promise of performance.

And, with the best maintenance and operations team in the industry, you can count on us to do whatever it takes to keep fuel flowing and your fleet on the road.


Cleaner, safer, more reliable. As veterans in the transportation industry, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits of CNG; from emissions and carbon footprints, to driver recruiting, customer messaging, fuel savings and more.

We believe 100 percent in CNG. And because it’s our exclusive focus, we’re able to deliver the best opportunities to our customers at all times, without distractions.

Choose ANG, raise the bar, and reap the rewards.


We’re delivering opportunity to fleets across the country. Find a location near you.

News & Updates

American Natural Gas ANG_NATURALGAS
Skeleton has been working his fingers to the bone to spread the word about the world's cleanest fuel, #RNG! He wants everyone to know RNG is #fuelingthefuture! In some cases this renewable fuel offers net carbon-negative results! 📷: @cngaz https://t.co/tjivomCMVh https://t.co/LJVJdcomk0
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American Natural Gas ANG_NATURALGAS
@BigBig10147133 @hyliion @Wegmans We love the support! These videos were a combined effort! #fuelingthefuture
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American Natural Gas ANG_NATURALGAS
@JakeShep90 @hyliion @Wegmans @Wegmans has 1 @VolvoTrucks equipped with the @hyliion CNG Hybrid System which has allowed them to pull tandem trailers! In addition to the Hybrid Vehicle Wegmans also has several CNG-powered heavy-duty trucks in several locations! https://t.co/CeCKeTuvuE
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American Natural Gas ANG_NATURALGAS
@hyliion's hybrid technology has allowed @Wegmans to successfully convert their dirtiest route to the cleanest part of what they do with increased #power and #efficiency! #sustainability #decarbonization #RNG https://t.co/YJIoUum2xx
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