ANG Helps Local Businesses and Families by Partnering on a #tagyourtakeout Campaign

American Natural Gas has partnered with Saratoga based Evander + Louise, a new lifestyle and travel brand on a mission to bring some much-needed help and relief to local small businesses.

Also, Saratoga Springs-based, American Natural Gas has thrown its support behind Evander & Louise’s #tagyourtakeout campaign that is aimed at supporting service-based local businesses that are struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We purchased $4,000 worth of gift cards from local restaurants and have donated a portion of those to E&L to give away to weekly #tagyourtakeout campaign winners!” said Andrew West, CEO and founder of American Natural Gas.

“There are 4 winners selected each week. In order to be in the running to win each week all you have to do is post a photo of your takeout or gift card purchase to your Instagram story or feed, include #tagyourtakeout and @e.l.Saratoga in the post, and tag a friend to spread the word!”

The recent coronavirus pandemic has hit hard in many areas with New York, in particular, feeling the brunt of the effects.

With so many people in quarantine and self-isolation, many “nonessential” small businesses like restaurants have seen their numbers decline sharply. The goal behind the #tagyourtakeout campaign is to provide individuals with a fun, simple way to help out local small businesses.

After following the instructions below, winners will receive a $50 gift card (donated by American Natural Gas).

To further help the community, for every $50 gift card given, American Natural Gas will be donating an additional $50 to the Franklin Community Center (, a local community center that provides foods and supplies for families in need.

American Natural Gas CEO, Andrew West, was born and raised in the New York capital region and is excited to be able to give back to the struggling local community that he calls home.

To join in supporting these local businesses, remember to:

  • Post a photo of your takeout or gift card purchase to your story or feed
  • Use #tagyourtakeout
  • Tag @E&LSaratoga & a friend








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