ANG Station Build Update

ANG Modesto, CA

This timelapse video captures the construction progress of ANG’s Modesto, CA station.

American Natural Gas continues construction of their Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling station located in Modesto, CA. Completion of this three-lane, fast-fill, public fueling station is scheduled for this month.  In doing so ANG will encourage sustainability among light, medium, and heavy-duty fleets in the San Joaquin Valley by providing a convenient low-cost fueling option.

California and other states recently introduced ambitious economy wide emissions reductions goals. Transportation is a significant challenge and is the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions in California. Fortunately, with the increased adoption of alternative fuels such as natural gas, California and other states are seeing meaningful reductions in transportation emissions.  Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) used as a transportation fuel offers significant emissions reductions. When sourced from landfills or dairy farms RNG offers net negative results, this means that throughout the entire lifecycle of the fuel emissions are actually being eliminated from our air (No other fuel offers net negative results)! The US has an abundance of RNG, enough to fuel vehicles for the next 90+ years, and we are constantly regenerating more. In addition to RNG’s unmatched emissions reductions customers have experienced savings of $0.75- $1.00 per gallon over diesel!

In addition to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions CNG also offers beneficial reductions in smog and other airborne particulates that negatively impact public health.  This is of particular concern for the San Joaquin Valley, where although visually exquisite, has become a cavity for poor air quality.  Pollution that would otherwise dissipate regularly becomes trapped by the surrounding mountains.  Fueling with CNG reduces harmful Nitrous Oxides by 90% compared to diesel and has virtually no particulate matter emissions.

ANG’s Founder and CEO, Andrew West and VP of Operations, Brent Tesla have over 20+ years of industry experience which is quite obvious when admiring the station plans and construction. Although still under construction, this station is equipped with the most innovative and reliable equipment available. ANG spares no expense at their stations when it comes to customer needs. This station has three lanes with three dispensers to ensure fast-fills through heavy traffic, ample storage for full-fills every time and a spacious layout for heavy-duty maneuvering.

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