Fueling Up and Showing Out- Up Next Washington, DC


Using Basketball to Connect Communities and RNG to get there

August kicked off the Hoop Bus Coast to Coast campaign. The bus traveling across the country from Venice, California to Venice, Florida and up next Washington, DC! This team of dreamers is on a mission to spread peace through the game they love, basketball. Stopping in several cities and communities along their journey the team focuses on rebuilding courts, hosting training camps, giving away gear, and changing prospective.


The Hoop Bus is a converted school bus that provides a one of a kind experience featuring two basketball hoops on the outside of the vehicle, allowing for an instant ball court wherever their journey brings them, even a farm. The bus provides a safe place for interviews with individuals, community leaders, and many more at each stop of their inspirational voyage. The Hoop Bus will be joining social movements and interviewing community leaders dedicated to making a difference, and even hosting a few of their own. Along the way, the group will be repairing basketball courts left in any condition. Events and training will also be hosted during each stop for socially-distanced dunk contests, horse matches, and 3-point shootouts. Providing local youth with new balls, clothes, tee shirts and a platform to be heard throughout their journey. Through these uncertain times, The Hoop Bus has become a symbol of community and allows for the sharing of individual stories and that of their cities.


The Hoop Bus team is not only focused on having a positive impact in communities. They also are taking steps to positively impact the environment. Hoop Bus has partnered with American Natural Gas (ANG) to provide the cleanest fuel available to power their coast to coast journey. The bus is completely powered by Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). RNG is the number one environmentally friendly alternative fuel source as it offers low or negative carbon emissions.

Transportation is the number one contributor to air pollution in the US. As a result of diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles pollution levels have reached an all-time high, 4 out of every 10 American’s live in areas with air that is unhealthy to breathe, that is equal to 134 million Americans. 71% of African Americans live in counties in violation of federal air pollution standards. Black children are 2x more likely to be hospitalized for asthma and 4x more likely to die from asthma than white children. The Hoop Bus and American Natural Gas team join forces to not only have an unparalleled social impact but also a positive environmental impact as well.

American Natural Gas (ANG) delivers turnkey fueling solutions to vehicles and fleets of all shapes and sizes. ANG is a premier distributor of alternative motor fuels in the US. ANG designs, builds, owns, operates and maintains a growing network of alternative energy stations across the county. ANG’s mission is to make renewable natural gas and other alternative energy options readily available for commercial and public use nationwide. ANG’s team of industry, legal, construction, engineering and entrepreneurial experts is committed to driving the alternative fuel industry forward.

Spread love through basketball

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