Hyliion Validates Renewable Natural Gas


Hyliion Founder and CEO Thomas Healy rings the bell this morning at the New York Stock Exchange. We all have been following this transformative company but today marks the most exciting news yet! This deal expected to generate $560 million dollars in proceeds for Hyliion!


Hyliion, a heavy-duty vehicle power train manufacturer focused on cutting fuel consumption validates the capabilities of Renewable Natural Gas with their RNG powered electric technologies! The Hyliion Hypertruck ERX system is a fully electric Class 8 drive train that recharges itself while on route to its destination. It does this using an onboard renewable natural gas generator that provides the electricity needed to charge a battery bank. These batteries are then discharged to power an electric motor that provides the drive force to the axel. Similar to other electric drive trains, the electric motor provides maximum torque at any speed and horsepower equal to or that exceeds diesel engines. The ERX can accelerate Zero to sixty in 20 seconds fully loaded at 80,000 lbs. Because of the on-board generator, the system operates without the limitations of battery-only solutions that rely solely on grid power. Further, when the ERX needs to refuel it can do so in as little as 10 minutes using an ANG heavy-duty RNG station. 


The ERX has performance that rivals or exceeds both diesel and other electric alternatives. With an estimated range of over 1,300 miles between fill-ups, Hypertruck ERX can travel as far as diesels, and substantially greater than long-haul Class 8 commercial battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles. 


When the ERX needs to operate on battery power alone it can.  ERX can travel seamlessly in and out of cities that require zero-emissions vehicles by operating on all-electric power for up to 25 miles.  The ERX can further reduce emissions using a smart power generation system that can provide auxiliary power for in-cab electronics and HVAC systems, reducing or eliminating the need to idle the vehicle during rest periods for the drive. Because the generator is fueled using renewable natural gas sourced from farms and landfills, avoiding methane emissions much more potent than CO2, the ERX has net negative carbon emissions, lower than even renewable-powered electric vehicles. And being OEM agnostic, most major class 8 OEM chassis can support the ERX technology, including Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo, and others.   


Congratulations Hyliion, your technology continues to transform and rethink transportation-related fueling for the better!

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