It’s Time to Stop Relying on the Volatile Foreign Oil Industry

With increased production and usage of natural gas products in the United States, it is time to stop relying on volatile foreign oil sources to fuel the nation. Naturally occurring renewable natural gas (RNG) can power the country and the economy. And it’s not impacted by international disruptions, confrontations with foreign nations, or any decisions that OPEC makes.

RNG, also referred to as biomethane, is an ultra-clean and ultra-low carbon alternative that comes from decomposing organic matter. It fuels many households and businesses, can be used as an alternative vehicle fuel, and there’s an abundance of it.

A UC Davis report states that over 20 percent of California’s residential gas use right now could be provided by RNG derived from the state’s organic waste alone. And the U.S. Department of Energy reports that the nation could produce up to 10 trillion cubic feet of RNG each year by 2030.

With this abundance of clean, RNG resources in the U.S., there’s no need to rely on foreign sources of oil where the prices vary based on political climate and decisions beyond our control.

Using natural gas produced here in the United States is cheaper, cleaner, and better for the economy. And it’s already fueling many fleets in the transportation industry. American Natural Gas (ANG) is a veteran in this industry. For more information, visit ANG online.


About the Author Jennifer Lester is a freelance writer and social media strategist who covers topics related to energy and workforce. She has been writing professionally since 2015 and was a high school teacher prior to that.  Jennifer is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a member of the American Writers and Artists Inc. Association. Her articles have been featured on Pink Petro and Experience Energy.  She lives in Houston, TX and is the proud mom of three boys.

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