Natural Gas is a No-Brainer Replacement For Diesel.

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Natural Gas is a No-Brainer Replacement For Diesel.

Fact. The Transportation sector is responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Our air is truly killing us; more than 25 million Americans suffer from asthma, 134 million Americans live in areas where the air is unhealthy to breathe! These harsh realities can be attributed to alarming amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

Fact. Diesel price per gallon can be $.75 or $1.50 more than Natural Gas. Natural Gas pump price savings are just another advantage for this clean fuel and they really add up! Heavy Duty fleets that have converted to Natural Gas have seen savings of $144,000 per truck.

Fact. Natural Gas Vehicles offer lower maintenance costs than diesel counterparts. Natural Gas Vehicles do not contain diesel particulate matter, catalytic reduction, or emissions fluids. Because of this, NGV require much less maintenance, saving fleets more money!

Fact. Natural Gas Powered Engines are 90% cleaner than current EPA NOx standard. Natural Gas Powers the cleanest heavy duty truck engine in the world! This American made engine is 90% cleaner than the EPA’s current NOX standard and the California Air Resources board standard.

Fact. When fueling with RNG, the product becomes carbon neutral or even negative! RNG is fuel sourced from naturally occurring organic matter such as wastewater treatment plant sludge, agricultural waste, landfill gas, or food waste. This fueling option removes the main sources of carbon (which is massively responsible for our high greenhouse gas levels) and converts it into fuel for vehicles creating the only net negative carbon fuel!




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