Natural Gas is NOW! Why wait?

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Natural Gas is NOW! Why wait?

RNG is Carbon Free. RNG use is growing rapidly and the infrastructure is there to support it. RNG captured from agriculture, food waste, landfills, or wastewater treatment plants is converted into transportation fuel. This conversion of organic matter reduces greenhouse gas emissions, by 125% or more lower than diesel.

Natural Gas makes Cent$. Natural gas vehicles cost much less than electric, are more reliable and seasoned. Natural Gas vehicles require much less maintenance than a diesel vehicle. Without diesel particulate matter, NGVs do not require routine filter regeneration or waste.

Sustainable. Natural Gas is a sustainable fueling option. Natural Gas used as a transportation fuel reduces CO2 emissions more than any other alternative fueling option available today. Natural gas is domestically sourced and the United States alone has reservoirs that would last more than 1,000 years, not to mention the never ending supply of RNG.

Solution for every application. Natural Gas is impacting all classes of vehicles on and off road. Natural gas can be used, but is not limited to, airports, ports, freight, public transit, schools, and refuse transportation.

Natural Gas Is NOW! Natural gas technology has endured years of testing and has proven results. Natural gas’s infrastructure has matured and includes more than 2,000 natural gas fueling stations coupled with reliable, resilient manufacturers, servicers, suppliers and technology. This smart, emissions reducing, reliable, affordable technology is road, sea, and air tested. The best part…. It is NOW! Learn more about how to start fueling your future with American Natural Gas.

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