Natural Gas: The Panacea for Inherent Problems with Crude Oil

Let’s talk about what’s on everyone’s mind: GAS.

With the recent attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure, gas (and its sustainability) is a hot button issue. In case you missed it, on September 14, Saudi Arabia experienced the largest blow in history to its oil infrastructure. Many critical processing facilities were attacked, making this the largest ever historical disruption to the oil industry.

Because of this attack, gas prices are rising, and everyone is wondering what is going to happen next with the oil industry.

What is the future of the oil industry? Natural gas.

Every time that the oil industry suffers a blow, our oil resources are affected in a way that imposes upon our everyday life. This is because we are dependent on a volatile foreign oil market.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Switching over to American natural gas will reduce the United States’ dependence on foreign oil. Not only will we become less dependent on foreign oil, but natural gas is also a domestic, cheaper, and cleaner gas alternative.


America’s Dependence on Foreign Oil

Why is our dependence on foreign oil such a bad thing? Well, oil is in high demand and there is only a limited supply. Oil is a resource that will eventually run out. Because oil is such a high commodity, it is (and has been) a source of political tension between countries. This results in wild fluctuations of prices as certain oil sources are threatened by different geopolitical forces.

Additionally, as the oil begins to run out, the countries that are producing it could eventually decide that they want to keep it for themselves instead of exporting it to the US. The long and short of it is that reducing how much oil we import from abroad will make us less vulnerable to global conflict and help to improve our national security.

Depending on foreign oil also means that our oil prices are continually fluctuating because the cost of gasoline and diesel is determined by what the oil is currently trading for. When our gasoline and diesel prices go up, that means that our economy suffers because it is costing people more to fill up their cars and trucks, forcing them to re-allocate their budget.

How is Natural Gas the Panacea to this Problem?

Renewable natural gas is gas that’s made up of renewable resources. Things like organic waste, wastewater, agriculture, and dairy manure are brought to a digester where they are turned into a natural gas. Natural gas is interchangeable with crude oil and can be used as fuel for things like homes, businesses, factories, and even transportation.

Something that makes renewable natural gas highly appealing is that, while crude oil is a finite resource and will one day run out, renewable natural gas is 100% renewable and can be made continuously.

Not only is renewable natural gas an excellent crude oil alternative to help us overcome our current foreign oil dependency, but it is also a much more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative. The CO2 emissions for which crude oil is currently to blame have been proven to have highly negative impacts on our environment as we know it. Renewable natural gas (by nature of it being natural) will help us to cut back on our CO2 emissions tremendously.

Gas prices rise due to the basic law of supply and demand. A low supply and a high demand results in high prices. However, since natural gas is a renewable resource, this can help reduce the amount of scarcity which can help keep costs down for consumers. This is excellent news for our economy. On top of driving the costs down, making renewable natural gas in the US will also provide thousands of new jobs.

Natural gas is proven to be wholly better for the environment and, in turn, better for our health. Think about it, everything that’s in the air, we breathe in. If there’s less soot and smog in the air, there’s less of it in our lungs, too. Cleaner air means fewer asthma and heart attacks, and healthier people in general.

If Americans made the switch over to natural gas, the volatile foreign oil market would have no control over our gasoline and diesel resources or prices. This means that in the wake of the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure, instead of being subject to the circumstances, the US oil market could have been wholly unaffected.

When it comes to natural gas, there really is no reason why we shouldn’t make the switch. In the wake of the attack on the Saudi Arabia oil infrastructure, this is the perfect time to begin considering other alternatives – especially ones that are renewable, domestic, cleaner, and more affordable.

Time is running out for the crude oil industry. As a company, American Natural Gas is leading the way to a sustainable, renewable, dependable future for our country.

It’s time to make room for the future of the oil industry and that’s renewable natural gas.

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