Natural Gas Is An Opportunity In The Present!

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Diesel is a nightmare of the past, electric is a fictive idea of the future. Natural Gas is an opportunity in the present! Here at American Natural Gas we focus on the present. We have the only viable fueling option that is available now for the heavy duty transportation sector that will be with us for years to come – Renewable Natural Gas. RNG offers countless advantages over both electric and diesel. Diesel has polluted our planet for far too long. 1 out of every 5 cases of asthma in the United States is caused by traffic related pollution. These numbers continue to grow every day and without change the air we breathe could be the air that kills us.

Imaginations of futuristic, heavy duty electric vehicles have stolen the stage. It’s only a matter of time before the curtain drops on these puppets. EVs continue to go up in price and their sales continue to plummet. Customer’s dissatisfaction with the technology and the charging infrastructure continues to be communicated. In addition to the erratic charging infrastructure, EV technology is murky. Batteries, although they may withstand one or two life cycles, in the end they must be disposed of. Where? That is a great question that EV advocates are hesitant to answer because batteries are disposed of in landfills around the planet, but the acid never dies. The acid from these batteries continues to grow and corrode the encompassing environment for eternity.

Renewable Natural Gas offers countless advantages over any other fueling option and, better yet, it’s the present-day solution! RNG is a carbon net negative fueling option. What does that mean? Carbon net zero means that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are reduced 100% to zero. Carbon net negative means that the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are actually reduced more than 100%. Confused? Let me explain. RNG is naturally occurring organic matter that is sourced from landfill waste, agricultural waste, waste water, and food waste. These sources left unattended are one of the key polluters of our atmosphere. RNG allows us to harvest these polluters, converting landfill waste, agricultural waste, waste water, and food waste into fuel for transportation. Removing these harmful pollutants from the environment and converting them to a net zero or net negative fueling option offers the best option available today.


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