Public Compressed Natural Gas Station Opens on Rochester, New York Expressway

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Alternative Fuel Now Available for Fleets Traveling in the NY Genesee Valley

American Natural Gas (ANG), a premier distributor of alternative motor fuels, announced today that it has opened a public compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Gates, New York, a suburb of Rochester. The facility is located at the intersection of I-390 (Exit 19) and Chili Avenue, in close proximity to I-590, I-490, regional distribution centers, as well as the Greater Rochester International Airport.

“We continue to hear and respond to the increasing need for alternative fuel infrastructure,” said Drew West, Chief Executive Officer of ANG. “The more stations we have, the more realistic it is for businesses to convert and fulfill their environmental impact aspirations. We are excited to expand our New York CNG network into Rochester and look forward to building relationships with regional long haul, distribution and public transportation fleet owners.”

“Natural gas will transform the truck transportation industry because it’s a cleaner and cheaper fuel than gasoline or diesel,” said Mark Assini, Gates Town Supervisor. “Gates is grateful to ANG for building one of the very first commercial natural gas fueling stations in the region and our town is proud to have a role in this cutting edge transformation.”

“The opening of the ANG station in Rochester is a significant event,” said David Keefe, Genesee Region Clean Cities Coordinator. “As the first public CNG station in our region, it will accelerate the development of CNG fleets in our area. We have been waiting for this for a long time and we are pleased that ANG has brought this project to our community.”

CNG is the cleanest burning transportation fuel commercially available today. Overall costs to operate heavy-duty trucks on CNG are significantly less than running the same trucks on gasoline or diesel fuel.

This station was built around cold weather-reliable systems, including top-of-the-line 400 HP Cobey Energy compressors with two points of temperature compensation and a Xebec dryer. The three-lane station features Bennett CRIND dispensers equipped with NGV1 nozzles for light and medium-duty use and NGV2 nozzles to accommodate heavy-duty and transit vehicles. The fast-fuel station is designed to accommodate high-capacity, large volume users.

ANG has stations across the country, including one in Saratoga Springs, New York and three near Buffalo. The company unveiled a station in September for Tops Friendly Markets in Lancaster, New York. The Rochester station is located on an ANG-owned parcel, 1145 Chili Avenue, Town of Gates. ANG will continue to own, operate, and maintain the facility.

Rochester-area business owners or fleet managers interested in learning more about converting to CNG are encouraged to contact ANG, 866-264-6220 or

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