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When you reduce your carbon footprint, you increase your impact.

Transportation currently accounts for the largest single economic sector share of GHG emissions in the US. Addressing the climate impact of transportation requires a significant shift away from fossil gasoline and diesel to a new generation of alternative fuel, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). Biomethane another name for RNG has established itself as the cleanest fuel option in exitance today.

The United States has an abundant supply of RNG organically sourced from landfill gas, agricultural waste, food waste, and waste water treatment facilities. Consequently, RNG pricing and availability remains stable unlike foreign crude oil markets.

RNG, from some sources, offers net carbon negative results this means that greenhouse gases are sequestered during the fuel lifecycle. Put simply, driving a vehicle fueled with RNG actually eliminates harmful GHG emissions that would otherwise contaminate the air we breathe.  


At ANG, we strive to provide 100% renewable natural gas to all of our customers!


RNG is distributed directly into the natural gas pipeline and dispensed through the network of CNG fueling stations across the country.  


Over the last five years, RNG used as fuel for transportation has increased 291%, displacing more than 7.5 Million tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e). RNG as a transportation fuel has lowered GHG emissions equivalent to removing 18,568,079,404 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles from our roads for one year, this is equal to sequestering carbon equal to growing 123,731,931 tree seedlings for ten years. 

Is your fleet ready for RNG?

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We strive to provide our customers with 100% #clean #abundant #RenewableNaturalGas! https://t.co/qvmmmAtSam
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American Natural Gas ANG_NATURALGAS
Diary Digesters act as large stomachs, breaking down manure using microorganisms to create #biogas! This biomethane is then converted to #renewablenaturalgas and is used to power vehicles! #fuelingthefuture #CNG https://t.co/cxiop4w496
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"One cow can produce enough transportation fuel to drive a car across the country" Dairy Digesters used to produce #RNG in #CA are not only reducing the states carbon footprint but also encouraging the transition to #cleaner transportation fuels like RNG! https://t.co/ypqlXrHnIP https://t.co/oeC2e8V2Nn
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Former #Mythbuster Jamie Hyneman teamed up with #CumminsWestport to bust the stigma & explain how #RNG, otherwise known as bessie's biogas, is improving the air we breathe! https://t.co/Ax9J2bJzaO
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