Services CNG Stations and Retail Operations

Considering a conversion? If you focus on your fleet, we’ll take care of everything else. Public access or dedicated to your fleet alone, we can build a custom station without any capital investment required from you. And whether it’s a comprehensive fueling strategy or a competitive fuel savings contract, your bottom line is our top priority.

With ANG at your side, ROI arrives earlier


At every step in your conversion journey, we partner to make your job easier. We provide expertise in:

Design and Build

We believe your business will grow and will design your station to scale so it always fits your needs. We oversee every step in the construction process.

Single stations or complex networks, we’re detail oriented and consistently deliver the highest quality designs and equipment. Our team has brought hundreds of fueling stations online, so you can trust we’ll be efficient, responsive, and focused on your best interests.

During our design and build process, we apply our expertise in:

  • Station financing
  • Site selection
  • Utility optimization
  • Efficient and scalable site design
  • Equipment sizing and selection

Own, Operate and Maintain

Pull in under our canopy and experience the difference. Whether you retain station ownership or lease property back to ANG, we invest in high-quality, user-friendly equipment, providing you a station you can rely on. Our top-notch maintenance team is always on-call, ready to do whatever it takes to keep fuel flowing and fleets on the road.

With state-of-the-art operating platforms and 24-hour monitoring, we ensure maximum up-time, security, safety, and ease of use. And from executive handshake through driver orientation, it’s our priority to make sure every user feels comfortable and confident.

At every ANG station, we’re proud to provide:

  • Flexible fueling and maintenance contracts
  • Routine station inspections and evaluations
  • Regular weight and measures testing, calibration, and dispenser assessments
  • POS system management
  • On-call emergency repair


See our growing network of CNG stations.

News & Updates

American Natural Gas ANG_NATURALGAS
@Wegmans has successfully taken their dirtiest route on the highway & made it the cleanest route with #CNG! @hyliion's hybrid CNG system has allowed Wegmans to pull tandem sets with ease! #fuelingthefuture #sustainablesolutions #CNGsuccess
h J R
American Natural Gas ANG_NATURALGAS
Compared to diesel, CNG with renewables offers significantly lower carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, greenhouse gas, and other toxic emissions! The big blue bus's BIG commitment has even BIGGER results! Improving air quality, reducing emissions & fueling the future! #RNG
h J R
American Natural Gas ANG_NATURALGAS
Wegmans, an ANG partner, delivers on their sustainability commitment! Improving efficiency, decreasing maintenance costs, increasing fuel cost savings and improving their environmental impact with #CNG!
h J R
American Natural Gas ANG_NATURALGAS
In some cases #renewablenatuarlgas can provide a negative carbon impact and we've got the science and math to back it up! Fuel your future with the net carbon negative solution, Renewable #CNG!
h J R
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