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Featured above is ANG’s Fair Oaks, IN fueling station canopy after 1 week of re branding! Stop by this location and let them know what you think. Leave your comments below.

American Natural Gas, after closing the purchase of AMP CNG, begins one of their largest feats to date, re branding and operating their 20 new public natural gas fueling stations. This is no small endeavor for anyone, but for industry leader, ANG, the challenge is welcomed with open arms. With over 20+ years of experience in the industry and two prior acquisitions, American Natural Gas is a re branding expert. With all hands-on deck, ANG moves forward with growth. VP of Operations for ANG, Brent Tesla, shares his thoughts concerning this endeavor:

“My team, from accounting to marketing to operations, have been eager to begin! With past re branding experience, my team knows exactly what is expected and what needs to be accomplished.”

Brent continues to explain how each sector of his team will be incorporated throughout this process.

Phase one involves all the behind the scenes activity. ANG’s accounting and operations teams work in parallel updating all pricing, dispenser software and contracts throughout the network of stations. ANG knows the importance of reliable fueling for their customers. Phase one assures that their software and billing process is seamless ANG’s technology also allows customers to fuel anytime, even without Wi-Fi! ANG’s team offers remote authorization through their prop card, which allows customers to fuel at any of their locations with just a quick phone call.

Phase two is critical to maintaining ANG’s level of reliability. With an outstanding track record of over 98% station up, time this team doesn’t overlook anything. During phase two all twenty stations will undergo stringent updating, cleaning, and remodeling. ANG stresses the correlation between updated, accurate equipment and station reliability. ANG’s crisp, clean logo will bring light to their new stations and customers will remain unruffled knowing they are in good hands. Customers will quickly associate the ANG logo with a flawless fueling at any of their 60+ locations. Simultaneously, phase three begins this phase is like phase one as it is handled behind the scenes.

Phase three begins with ANG’s sales division exploring and building relationships with Customers and potential customers. Through this expanded network of stations, ANG will cater to more of their customer’s fueling needs and drive the alternative fueling industry forward.

ANG’s rapidly expanding RNG program continues to evolve into an unstoppable force, eliminating the top two largest sources of greenhouse gas, heavy duty vehicles and agricultural waste.

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